Agent Higgs - Can you escape the scientists?

Agent Higgs - Can you escape the scientists?

A game where you hide the Higgs!

Agent Higgs is a simple iPhone game where you have to hide the Higgs boson from those meddling scientists.

In this game, the Large Hadron Collider physicists are trying to find the Higgs boson. You have to hide the Higgs with other particles, in a similar way to how the Higgs is thought to stay undercover in the real world.

Agent Higgs introduces players to the standard model of physics: the explanation of fundamental particles and force.

Made by Test Tube Games, previously one of our Websites of the Month, Agent Higgs is proving to be pretty addictive.

Although it mentions several areas of physics that aren't covered between the ages of 11-16, it's a fun and simple introduction to complex physics. It could be a good starter or plenary discussing particles or how opposite charges attract.

You can download the game for $0.99 at iTunes. It runs on iPhones and iPads, but you can also get a version for Mac or PC on Newgrounds.