Sciber Monkey

Sciber Monkey

A portal for all your science resource needs

Sciber Monkey is a free science resource hub with links to the best science resources on the web.

Created by the Biochemical Society, Sciber Monkey aims to support the teaching and learning of science for 5-14 year olds.

Sciber Monkey contains links to the best websites, mapped against key themes and topics found in almost all science curricula. Each entry in the portal has been quality assured by science teachers.

Sciber Monkey for 11-14

Sciber Monkey resources for 11-14 year olds

The site has been designed to support both teachers and students. Children can use the website inside and outside the classroom through the pupils' section. They can access appropriate resources by choosing the age group that applies to them. For each topic they can find a variety of different types of resources - from reading and revision materials to animations and games - all helping them get to grips with the subject.

The teachers' section contains the same resources as the pupil pages, plus additional 'teacher-only' resources, including practical experiments, worksheets and other activities and visuals for use in the classroom.

Sciber Monkey for teachers

The Biochemical Society hope that SciberMonkey will provide a quick, easy and reliable way for pupils and teachers alike to access the best science websites on the internet for homework, revision and teaching aids.

To find out more, visit Sciber Monkey.