Summer Science activities

Summer Science activities

Summer science fun!

Do you need to keep the kids occupied over the summer holidays? Or are you looking for activities to entertain your pupils during the last two weeks of term?

Check out our summer science activities and keep your fingers crossed for sunshine!

Katniss Camp: Survival Science - Kitchen Pantry Scientist

I love this idea. Mix the Hunger Games and summer science and what do you get? Katniss Camp! Luckily, it's not the dystopian nightmare of the Hunger Games. Instead, it's all about using science to survive in the wild. Learn how to build a shelter, figure out which way is north and the best way to collect and purify water.

How does sunscreen work?

Lobster red skin is difficult look to pull off, but sunburn and other UV damage can easily be avoided with a bit of a common sense and a good splodge of sunscreen. Find out how sunscreen works and why it's so important.

Sick Science! Summer Camp Experiments

Every week from June to September, Steve Spangler will bring you a new activity or experiment for you to try during summer. Investigate growing plants in test tubes, painting with bubbles and making your own ice cream.

Build a solar oven

Use the sunshine to cook some delicious food in a box!

Make your own raisins

This will require some sunshine, but if the weather is on your side, you can use it to make a tasty snack!

It the weather isn't on your side, Planet Science has plenty of indoor experiments to keep the kids occupied.

Enjoy your summer!