New free resources from BP Educational Service

New free resources from BP Educational Service

The BP Education website has been updated with a fresh look and a whole bunch of new fantastic resources.

Last year we wrote about the launch of a new education resources website from BP called BP Education Service. Well, the BP Education website has recently been updated with more resources for science and geography lessons, plus short films and animations to use in the classroom and at home.

New sections include:

Real-world Science , for pupils aged 12 to 14,  a set of short films, animations, quizzes and interactive activities looking at science in a real-world context. Topics include combustion of fuels, energetic reactions, hydrocarbons from crude oil, polymerisation and the properties of hydrocarbons.


InvestiGATE, for pupils aged 9 to 11,  has a new series of resources to boost scientific investigation skills and prepare pupils for the transition to secondary school.

Experiments and lesson plans:
One resource that caught our eye was the Mini Greenhouse which has animations, worksheets, posters and all the other resources you need to investigate the way that greenhouses trap heat.

To access BP Education resources you need register (it's free) by clicking here.

If you've used these resources in your school, let us know! What did you think? What did you like and dislike about them? Email