Monsterous Genetics with Ask a Biologist

Monsterous Genetics with Ask a Biologist

Great new teaching and learning resources from Dr Biology

Last november we told you about Ask a Biologist, the website packed with resources, activities and games for teachers and pupils.

Ask a Biologist is a fantastic website run by Dr Biology from the Arizona State University. The website is aimed at primary and secondary school children and provides information and fun activities for anyone who is interested in any aspect of biology.

Ask a Biologist have launched some great new resources including Monsterous Genetics games, real science stories and more...


  • Monster Story - All about genetics
    Ask a Biologist have released a fun story for parents and children that covers the basics of genetics. It is called A Monster Story and has a companion online game that lets anyone decode DNA and build monsters for themselves. Click below to find out more.

Monster Story

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  • Listen & Watch - podcasts
    Listen to one of the podcast shows filled with guest scientists who share their experiences and passion for discovery.


Everything on the website is written by professional scientists who are experts in their fields, making it a fantastic and comprehensive resource. If your students have a burning biology question they can contact Ask a Biologist.