Online revision resources for KS2, KS3 and GCSEs

Online revision resources for KS2, KS3 and GCSEs

Here's our pick of the best of the web for exam season...

Yep - it's exam season again!

Whether it's KS2 and KS3 tests or GCSEs, tests and exams are looming.  We've put together this list of some of the resources we think might be useful for teachers and students in the next few months.

Also, don't forget to have a look around Planet Science - you might find the resources you are looking for right here!

  • My-GCSE Science - designed to help students studying AQA Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each video is accompanied by revision notes and more videos are added every week.

  • Science Makes Sense - this is a new site and at the moment only has chemistry resources, but it's something different and worth a look
  • S-cool - Choose an activity, revise it, test it and remember it! S-cool includes overviews, exam style questions, multiple choice questions and revision summaries on a range of GCSE science topics.

  • Geography in the News - articles and interactive resources on physical and human geography topics including climate change, weather, natural disasters, energy, geology and more...

  • Sciber Monkey - brought to you by the Biochemical Society, Sciber Monkey supports teaching and learning of science for 5-14 year olds by providing animations and video links on all sorts of science topics.
  • GCSE Bitesize - A classic revision aid with subject overviews, interactive activities and questions on a variety of topics from different syllabi.

  • Woodlands Resources - great KS2 resources and activities from Woodlands Junir School in Kent
  • Khan Academy - With over 3,100 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, your GCSE students should be able to find videos on the topics they need.
  • YouTube - How about curating your own revision video playlist for your students? You can tailor the videos to topics that your pupils need help with. Check out the Planet Science YouTube playlists for inspiration.
  • O2 Learn - A useful revision aid with videos on a variety of science topics. Search for videos by topic and level.
  • TES Games for Grades - A collection of the most popular revision games and activities on TES Science.

Do you have any resources to add to the list? Email and let us know your favourite revision resources...