Paint with bubbles

Paint with bubbles

How can you paint with clear bubbles?

Let's get creative with chemistry...

What you need:

How to:

Add two tablespoons of watercolour paint into a bowl.

If you're making our super strong bubble solution, follow the instructions. Add three tablespoons of super strong bubble solution to the watercolour paint.

If you're using washing up liquid, add one tablespoon of water to the paint and stir.

Add two tablespoons of washing up liquid and stir.

Put the straw into the mixture and blow bubbles until they spill over the side of the bowl. What colour are the bubbles?

You can lay the paper carefully on top of the bubbles to make prints. Or you can scoop bubbles onto the paper. Or you can blow bubbles onto the paper.

Repeat for different colours of paint.

What's happening?

The bubbles are clear, but when they pop the paper is coloured.

Bubbles are a thin film of soapy water filled with air. They are so thin that they appear clear.

The water in the bubble holds the paint. When the bubbles pop, the paint transfers to the paper.