Bacteria, burps and smelly feet

Bacteria, burps and smelly feet

3 disgusting things – EXPLAINED!

Why does sweat smell so bad?

Why do we sweat? We sweat to cool our bodies down so that's why we sweat more when we're hot. We sweat through our sweat glands. There are two types of sweat glands.

The first type of gland is spread all over our bodies. These ones produce salty water - they don't stink!

The other glands are in places where we have more hair like our armpits. These are the stinky ones! Bacteria on the skin love to eat this sweat. It's the bacteria that causes this horrible smell.

Ooh, pardon me!

Burp. Belch. Whatever you call it, it's not very nice! So why do we do it? When we eat or drink, our stomachs need to get rid of the extra air we take in. That's a burp!

Here are a couple of examples of extreme burping:

Warning! These are pretty disgusting and we recommend
that you don't watch them while eating your lunch.

Also, don't try this during a lesson otherwise you might get into
trouble (and yes, we are talking to your teachers too!)

First, an attempt to burp the alphabet...


And here's an aspiring world champion doing some practice...





Put a sock in it!

Feet - we can't do without them. We wouldn't be able to stand up, or walk, or run a race. We give them a daily workout - no wonder they sweat and stink so much!

It's those bacteria to blame again. They adore living in your shoes - they have everything they need there in the dark, moist surroundings. Bacteria multiply in sweat produced by your feet.


Imagine all those tiny critters feasting away in your trainers! Bleurgh! They get rid of the oily sweat from between your toes through organic acids. But if the foot in question is particularly sweaty then a bacteria called Micrococcus sedentarius will make itself feel right at home there. And that's bad because it produces something called a sulphur compound. To you and me that's the rotten egg smell in sweaty shoes!

So there you have it, all our disgusting smells and habits can usually be explained!