Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart

Can you hear your heart beat?

Doctors use stethoscopes to listen to their patients' heart beats. You can make a stethoscope and listen to your own heart beat!

What you need:

  • 30 cm of plastic tubing, such as garden hose
  • Two plastic funnels
  • Sellotape

How to:

  1. Push one of the funnels into one end of the plastic tubing. Secure with sellotape.
  2. Repeat step 1 with the second funnel on the other end of the plastic tubing.
  3. Place one of the funnels over your heart and the other funnel over your ear.

Can you hear your heart beat? Try running around for 30 seconds and listen to your heart beat again. Is your heart beat faster or slower?

What's happening?

Doctors use stethoscopes to measure your heart rate. Stethoscopes act as a sound amplifier, carrying the sound of your heart rate to the doctor's ears and making the sound louder.

When you run around your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen around your body. This is why your heart rate speeds up.

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