Ew, poo!

Ew, poo!

What do you know about poo?

Poo, turds, faeces. They're smelly, but everyone does them! But what is poo made of?


About three quarters of your poo is made of water. Most of the nutrients - the goodness from food - are absorbed by your small intestine. Some of the water is absorbed by your large intestine.

The longer a poo stays in the large intestine, the drier it will be! See How long are your intestines? to find out more about the small and large intestines.


Around 8% of the turd is made of dead bacteria. Bacteria live in your intestines to help you digest your food. When the bacteria die, they are swept along your intestines with water and undigested food, to come out the other end as poo!

Undigested food

Another 8% of the food is made up of undigested food. Plant cells are made from cellulose and we can't digest this. This undigested food is called fibre. Fibre helps poo to move along your intestine.

Other stuff

The other 8% of your poo is made of fats, salts and dead cells from your intestine.

So now you know - poo is mostly made of water!