How to bend water - magic or science?

How to bend water - magic or science?

Amaze everyone with this science trick.

Watch this video:

Amazing! But how does it work? You can try it at home.

Turn the tap on to make a steady stream of water. Run a comb through your hair three times. It works best if your hair is dry and clean. Put the comb near the water. Watch the water bend! Run a comb through your hair again to repeat the experiment.

Show your parents or teachers the trick. Can they work out what's happening?

Magic or science? The explanation

How does the comb make the water bend? Is it magic? No!

The answer is static electricity. Static electricity often happens when you rub things together. Combing your hair creates static electricity. Negatively charged particles (electrons) move from your hair onto the comb. This makes the comb negatively charged.

Remember - electrons repel (force away) other electrons.

When the negatively charged comb comes near the water, it repels the electrons in the water, so that the side of the water nearest the comb then has a positive charge. The attraction between this positive charge and the negatively charged comb results in a net force on the water, bending the stream.

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