World's smelliest flower

World's smelliest flower

Ugh - this flower smells like bad fish!

Q. What smells like bad fish and is 2 metres tall?

A. It's the world's smelliest and largest flower - titan arum. This BBC video tells you more about this bizarre plant:

Or view the video on the BBC's titan arum page.

The titan arum only flowers once every 1000 days. The smell of bad fish attracts tiny 'sweat bees' which carry the pollen from one titan arum flower to another. When the titan arum flowers are pollinated, they develop into bright-red fruits.

A single leaf of the titan arum is also huge - it can be up to 5 metres tall and 7 metres across!

For more information on this enormous plant go to the Royal Botanic Garden Kew's page about the titan arum.

Main image courtesy of Laikolosse. To view the image on Flickr, go to: