Chemistry Song

Chemistry Song

Sing about the elements!

If you love chemistry how do you show it? This video tells you all about the song!

Quick quiz!

Were you listening?

  1. What element does oxygen make rust away?
  2. What gas lights up the sign for a pizza place?
  3. What are stars mostly made up of?

Answers below the picture.

Periodic table_87531806

Elements shown on the Periodic Table - you can sing about them!


  1. Iron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide. This is the red substance that we call rust. Have a look around your garden or on your street. Can you find five things that have rusted?
  2. Neon is used in lots of shop signs, where it glows red-orange. Neon is very unreactive - it's very hard to get it to change into anything else!
  3. Stars are mostly made up of hydrogen. Reactions between hydrogen atoms release lots of energy. This is what causes stars to shine - including our Sun.

Did you get them all right? Can you make your own song about the elements?

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