Get the X-factor

Get the X-factor

Sing in the shower!

Do you sing in the shower? I do and I like it! But when I sing to other people, they tell me to stop! Why?

When we sing in the shower we're normally surrounded by tiled walls. Sound travels in waves. In a shower, the tiled walls bounce the sound waves back to you. The sound waves also bounce around off the walls and ceiling, so some sound waves take longer to reach your ears. That makes the sound richer and fuller - so you sound great!

How can you sound great when you're out of the shower?

Assuming you don't have perfect pitch, try this. Get a wok or large, curved pan.

Hold the pan out in front of you. Slowly bring it forward and sing into it.

Experiment to find the distance between you and the pan that gives the best sound.

Is there one point where your voice is loudest? Keep the pan here and sing away!

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