Weird weather

Weird weather

Top 5 weird weather facts!

We're excited about weather! Last year we launched Weather Labs, a nationwide experiment.

Although the national experiment has finished, the Weather Labs resources are still up and running.

You can build your own gadgets to measure the weather and become a weather forecaster. Have a look at the Weather Labs website to find out more.

In the meantime, we've picked out our top 5 weird weather facts for you. Here goes...

  1. In 2010, it rained live fish in the Australian village of Lajamanu. There's something a bit fishy about that...
  2. The coldest temperature ever recorded outside a laboratory is -89.2 °C in Vostok Station, Antarctica. Brrrr!
  3. The heaviest hailstone recorded weighed one kilogram - that's huge. Most hailstones are small, like this:
  4. Hailstones_101213873

  5. The most rainfall in one hour was three metres, in Missouri, USA. Nice weather for ducks!
  6. Arica, in Chile went for over 14 years without rain.

You can do lots of fun experiments with weather - how about making your own cloud in a bottle?

To find out more about weather forecasts, visit Weather Labs and get involved!