Dumbo caught on camera

Dumbo caught on camera

When I see an octopus fly!

Is it an octopus? Is it an elephant? Is it an alien?

A dumbo octopus has been caught on tape. They are hardly ever seen, so this is very exciting! It was spotted by a remotely piloted camera off the west coast of America.

Why do you think it's called a dumbo octopus? Check out the way it swims on this video:

Did you see its fins? They look like Dumbo's ears! The dumbo octopus swims by moving its ear-like fins. It can also move its eight arms or shoot water through its funnels to propel itself along. This means it can swim pretty quickly if it wants to! Dumbo lives so deep under the ocean - 2,000 metres below the surface - that there is no light. As there is no light, dumbo doesn't need to see very well, so it has poor eyesight.

What else is under the ocean? Try our quiz and find out...you'll be surprised at what you can see!

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