Do animals smile when they're happy?

Everyone loves to see a big grin! When we show our teeth we're generally smiling or laughing. This is our way of telling people we're happy. Did you know that animals show their teeth to communicate, just like humans?

Have a look at this picture of a male baboon. What do you think he's doing? Yawning?


He's not yawning, he's making sure the other male baboons don't fight! This baboon is in charge of the group. Showing his teeth makes sure the other baboons know that he's in charge. Unlike humans, animals don't usually show their teeth when they're happy.

Animals have teeth for feeding as well as communication. Check out the gnashers on this crocodile and you'll see what I mean!


You wouldn't want to get in the way of those! Crocodiles use their big, sharp teeth to hold onto food in the water.

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