Top 10 coolest new species

Top 10 coolest new species

What's tiny, new and glows in the dark?

Humans have been around for so long - millions of years - that you would think we'd have discovered every species on the planet. Not true, according to scientists. They say 10 million species are still waiting to be discovered.

Secretive species

Every year, scientists make a list of their favourite new discoveries. Here are three of 2011's top 10 coolest new species.

Glow in the dark mushroom

Glow in the dark musroom

Eternal light fungus growing on a rotting branch

These tiny mushrooms have gel-covered stems that emit a bright yellowish-green glow - bioluminescence. Scientists call it the 'eternal light' mushroom.

Spinning spider


Left: giant web made by a Darwin's bark spider. Right: Female Darwin's bark spider feeding.

Darwin's bank spiders make webs that are 25 metres across - that's huge! The silk in their web is twice as strong as any other spider's silk.



Louisiana pancake batfish

Is it a bat? Is it a frog? Nope, it's a batfish! The Louisiana pancake batfish looks like a walking bat that hops about the seafloor on thick arm-like fins. Not pretty, but it's a good way to get around!

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