What’s the best way to stay warm in winter?

What’s the best way to stay warm in winter?

Which of these keeps you warmest?

Animals have three strategies for surviving winter: hibernation, migration or adaptation.

Unless you're lucky enough to spend three months of the year abroad, or you can sleep for three months, you have to adapt to the cold weather.

If you're outside, what's the best way for you to keep warm? Try these suggestions and find out! Make sure you're wearing warm, outdoor clothes when you try these activities.

  • Curl up in a ball like a sleeping fox. Make sure your ears and hands are covered up!

Fox sleeping_98063763

  • Grab a couple of friends and huddle up in a group like these penguins.


  • Find an open space and sit still for a minute. Then, find a sheltered spot - try sheltering against a wall, or amongst some trees. Sit still for a minute.

Hiding behind trees_200285824-001

  • Run around for a minute like this giddy spaniel.

Spaniel running_123663748

Which kept you warm? Which made you the coldest? Did any make you tired?

Running around makes you warm. It uses a lot of energy though, which means you'll need to eat more food. This would be a problem for animals in winter when there isn't a lot of food around.

Sheltering from the wind and rain will keep you warmer than standing outside in the open.

Huddling together with friends or curling up in a ball will keep you warmer than standing or sitting.

If you were an animal outside in winter, how would you want to keep warm?

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