Top 5 weird hunters

Top 5 weird hunters

Which is your favourite weird hunter?

Humans are lucky, we can get our food from a shop. What do animals do? Some animals hunt in groups. Some animals use poison. Other animals have really strange ways of getting a meal!

Take a look at our top 5 weird hunters:


Want to get your food to come to you? The frogfish attracts its prey with a part of its face that looks like a wiggly worm. Small fish try to eat the wiggly worm and then...BAM! The frogfish gets itself a tasty meal.

Mantis shrimp

A brightly coloured hunter with a powerful punch! The mantis shrimp uses its claws like a boxer to smash its prey. The claws are so powerful they can even break aquarium glass.

Fishing spider

Some spiders use a web. This fish-eating spider dives for its food!


Could you use a water pistol to catch your food? That's what this fish does.


Wow, that's a powerful tongue! Chameleons use their tongues to catch their food. When they see a meal, they shoot out their tongue really quickly. Their tongue has a very sticky bit on the end. Insects stick to the tongue and are pulled back to the chameleon's mouth.

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Top 5 weird hunters

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