Animal magic - reindeer

When someone says Christmas, what do you think of? I think of snow, Christmas trees and reindeer!

Reindeer are one of my favourite animals. Click on the reindeers to find out why.

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Curriculum information

  • Summary

    Reindeer are festive animals and have to cope with harsh conditions through winters near the arctic circle. Use this simple activity to get your children to think about the adaptations reindeer have to help them survive the cold and find food. A nice way to start thinking about different animals and adaptation.

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    • Variety of life
    • Animals
    • Adaptation
    Adaptation and design-a-species activity
    Reindeer videos from the BBC
    Penguin diversity and adaptation: make a penguin mask
    Science Curriculum Links
    National CurriculumCurriculum for excellenceNorthern Ireland Curriculum
    Variation and classification (KS1 Sc2.4a,b and KS2 Sc2.5b,c)Identify and classify living things (SCN 2-01a, 3-01a)Variety of living things (KS2: Interdependence). How seasonal changes cause animals to move (KS1 and 2: Movement and energy)