Can you beat a squirrel?

Can you beat a squirrel?

Where are the nuts?

Autumn is the time when squirrels start to hide their nuts and seeds. Squirrels hide them to eat over the winter months, when there isn't much food around. This is called hoarding.

Squirrels hide their food in lots of different places over a large area. Do you think you could hide food in lots of places and remember where you'd put all of it? Try this!

What you need:

  • 50 sweets or other small food items
  • A house to hide the food!

How to:

  1. On a morning, hide the sweets in different places around the house.
  2. Go to school or play outside for a few hours.
  3. When you get back to the house, try to find all the sweets again. How many can you find?


0-15 Squeak! If you were a squirrel, you wouldn't survive the winter.

15-30 Nuts! You nearly made it, but you might not have found enough food to survive the winter and mate in spring. Squirrels need lots of energy to survive.

30-40 You've survived! Squirrels find between 60-80% of the food they hide.

40-50 Well done! You've beaten the squirrel.

Squirrels need to hide food to make sure they have enough to eat over the cold winter months. Squirrels can find between 60-80% of the food they hide even five months later. This food is hidden over a large area. Squirrels have very good memories!

Who's nicked my nuts?!

Try the same thing again with a friend watching where you hide the sweets. When you get back to the house, both of you look for the sweets. Who finds the most?

Some squirrels watch other squirrels hiding nuts. These sneaky squirrels then go and steal the nuts from the store and hide them somewhere else!