Make a parachute

Make a parachute

Land your toys safely with a parachute!

What you need:

  • 4 x 50cm piece of string
  • Small piece of cloth or plastic
  • Button with four holes in it

How to:

Don't lean over banisters and be careful when playing at height.

  1. Thread a piece of string through one of the button holes. Repeat for the other three pieces of string.
  2. Tie the strings together underneath the button, leaving a few centimetres loose.
  3. Lay out the piece of cloth or plastic. Tie each piece of string to a corner of the cloth.

You've made your parachute! Try dropping your parachute over some banisters. Does it matter if you drop the parachute from high up or lower down? What if you attach a small toy to the button?

What's happening?

Parachutes stop things - usually people - falling through the air quickly.

To find out how parachutes work, have a look at this video: