Jupiter - a giant made of gas

Jupiter - a giant made of gas

Fab facts about the "ruler of the skies"


Ever wondered what a planet sounds like?

NASA recorded Jupiter's electro-magnetic field. This weird sound is what they heard:

This got me thinking. Nope, not about what to have for dinner. Not even about what I'm going to do at the weekend. I've been thinking about the planets. They're all amazing, but which one is my favourite?

It's Jupiter! Why? Not just because I like the sound it makes.

  • It's stripy and looks very cool when you see it through a telescope. The stripes are actually dark belts and light zones created by very strong winds in Jupiter's atmosphere.
  • Huge - the biggest planet in the solar system. You could fit 1,400 Earths inside it!
  • It's called the "ruler of the night skies" and the "gas giant". Great names!
  • It has a 'Great Red Spot' - a huge, spinning storm that has been going for hundreds of years.

Jupiter Great Red Spot 414939main_pia00065

Jupiter's 'Great Red Spot' - a giant storm

  • It has over fifty moons. You can see the four largest moons with a simple telescope.
  • Io, one of Jupiter's large moons, has lots of volcanos. It has more volcanic activity than anything else in our solar system - including Earth.
  • Europa, another of Jupiter's large moons, may have water beneath its frozen surface. Astrobiologists (scientists who look for signs of life in space) think it has a 'habitable zone', which means that life might be found there. Amazing!

Io_Prometheus Plume_with copyright

Io, one of Jupiter's moons, showing volcanic eruption

See NASA's website for more information about Jupiter and the other planets.