Make a star map

Make a star map

Look up to the sky at night

What do you see? If the sky is clear you can see stars - lots and lots of stars!

Groups of bright stars are called constellations. Most constellations were named in ancient Greek and Roman times! It's like a dot-to-dot puzzle. If you join the stars, they make a picture that looks like an animal or person.

How do you know which constellations you're looking at? have a look on the internet SeaSky or Astroviewer will tell you what stars you can see. If someone you know has a smart phone, they can get an app that knows where you are and can tell you what you can see! Have a look at our top space apps.

You can make your own star map or constellation. I made Orion. It's my favourite constellation and it's very easy to see in autumn and winter. The Greeks thought the pattern of stars in Orion looked like a giant hunter.


Look up to the sky and see if there are any constellations you like. Or make up a constellation and name it after something you like!

You need:

  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Gold or silver pen (optional)

How to:

Ask an adult for help using scissors.

  1. Draw dots on the black paper where your stars will be.
  2. Join the dots in gold or silver pen if you like.
  3. Draw lines over the dots, like this:
  4. Star shape

  5. Cut along the lines.
  6. Push your finger gently through the holes where your stars are.
  7. If you like, you can use glitter glue to decorate around your stars.
  8. Stick the piece of paper on a window and watch your stars shine! If you like, you can put a torch behind the paper to make your stars glow more brightly.

Enjoy your constellation!

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